Dietiker Cider

Dietiker Cider Range

The result of the coming together of four friends, some higher education experiments with fermentation and a passion for local apples.
Andrea, Carlo, Laura and Robin now find themselves as the premier Cider producers of Switzerland's most populous canton, Zürich.

Dietiker Apple

Dietiker Apple

The core of the range, smooth and fruity, unfiltered, and easy drinking. A very popular and accessible Cider with enough complexity in taste to provide interest.

Dietiker Ingwer

Dietiker Ginger

Take the great base cider and add a hint of freshly press ginger to create this slightly spicy and crisp thirst quencher.

Dietiker Erdbeer

Dietiker Strawberry

A summer special! Freshly pressed Swiss Strawberries along with a touch of additional fresh apple juice make the Dietiker Strawberry Cider light, fresh & fruity. Perfect hazy summer days and long summer nights.

Dietiker Gluh

Dietiker Mulled Cider

The perfect winter warmer. A special blend of Dietiker Cider with Calvados and spices, just warm in a pan for the ideal cosy night in or Christmas party starter.

Dietiker Hopped

Dietiker Hopped Cider

It's not Cider beer, far from it. Hops are used to add flavour, as with beer, but what comes from it are fresh, floral, and citrus notes. Very session-able.

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