Cider Fairy

Cider Fairy

Ranka Feller discovered her love for Cider on trips to Ireland and Scotland, and then returned to home in Switzerland to discover a lack of choices. However, being married to a long time home brewer, the decision to start experimenting and make her own Cider was obvious. The Cider Fairy was born.

Cider Fairy British Style

British Style

Fermented with English cider yeast, fruity taste. 6.8% Alc.

Cider Fairy French Style

French Style

Rather drier, fermented with champagne yeast. 6.4% Alc.

Cider Fairy Flieder

Flieder Cider

Cider flavored with lilac blossoms. Flowery on the nose, very fine on the finish. 6.7% alc.

Cider Fairy Rhubarber

Rhubarb Cider

Cider flavored with rhubarb. Subtle rhubarb taste in the finish. 6.8% Alc.

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